27 January 2017

How to be a tourist in your hometown

There's nothing quite like getting out in your hometown and exploring. Sure, being a tourist in the likes of a town thousands of miles away from your bed sounds amazing, but sometimes just getting out of bed and hopping on a short bus, taxi or train ride can leave you having a great experience in your own hometown.

15 January 2017

A snapshot of Barcelona

Last Summer, I visited Barcelona for a weekend away with two friends. I have to say it was such a tiring holiday, although I loved every minute of it. We were soon drained on the first day, having an afternoon flight and not reaching the hostel until almost 10pm. We had planned to wake up at 6/7am pretty much every day to explore Barcelona in all its depth, but by the second day we already had a cheeky lie in until 9am! I would absolutely love to revisit Barcelona, as we were so strapped for time on such a short break and there is so much more of Barcelona to see and do. I would love to go back and see the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya and Montju├»c. Until that day arrives, here is a snapshot of my jam packed weekend in Barcelona! 

13 January 2017

Top Five Destination Wishlist


Croatia has always been one of the European countries that has always appealed to me to travel to. Dubrovnik is situated the extreme south of Croatia and has been popping up all over the internet due to its recent  popularity, mainly due to the fact Game of Thrones is filmed there. The city is almost completely surrounded by the beautiful Adriatic Sea and it's sea battered walls, rocks and mountains makes Dubrovnik special and unique in the hustle and bustle of Europe. This is the type of destination that no matter who you go with, you are guaranteed to enjoy and find attractions based around that type of holiday. Romance? Not a problem, plenty of quaint restaurants and terrain to walk hand in hand around. Family? Great! Take the kids on some walks, picnics and enjoy the beach. Friends? Go bar hunting, pub hunting, create new friends and have the time of your life!


A city you can travel through by a gondola and not be judged, who wouldn't want to visit a place like that?! It has been said that the locals that live in Venice avoid the centre of Venice at all times, and I think as tourists we should understand why, and join them! Hop on a boat, hop off wherever, get yourself lost and enjoy the thrill of hidden Venice. Hopping on a ferry to the island of Burano and you will find yourself feeling like you've just entered Balamory (UK kids show that us 90s kids watched religiously in school). The contrast of the two destinations is incredibly beautiful and you can visit both again and again and always find something new, I have so much listed to do on my future Venice trip, but the most important is to just get lost in the canals and soak up the real Italian spirit.