24 July 2015

Benefit's Do The Hoola

For my 22nd birthday earlier this month, I received the Benefit's new Do The Hoola Kit from my university chums! I was chuffed with the present as I have been meaning to get this when it first came out but I am stuck between the midst of student to unemployed and desperately looking for a job.

The Do The Hoola Kit comes in beautiful packaging which fans of Benefit and the Hoola Bronzer will instantly recognise. 

The kit includes:

1 x Hoola Matte Bronzer (3g; mini) 

1 x Benebalm Tinted Lipbalm (1.4g; mini) 
1 x Ultra Plush Lipgloss - Shade Hoola (6.5ml; mini)
1 x They're Real Mascara (3g; mini)
1 x Dew the Hoola - Liquid Matte Bronzer (7g)

The Hoola Bronzer is on of my holy grails, there is not a day where I do not use it. I already have three full size boxes, so this mini will be perfect to carry around on days out as it less bulky and can easily fit into a jacket pocket, nifty! The most exciting product in the kit is definitely the new Dew the Hoola Liquid Bronzer. I'm so intrigued by it and I can't wait to use it. I am hoping it is similar to Chanel's bronzing mousse, where it gives a hint of colour to the base of the face without looking orange.

This kit will definitely be a staple for me when on holidays and in the summer as it has everything you will need for the perfect bronzed and dewy simple look. 

Have you tried the Do the Hoola kit or a fan of any other kit's Benefit offer?

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