13 August 2015

August Birchbox Beauty Junkie: Review

A few days ago, my August Birchbox arrived in the post. I did cancel my subscription 4 months ago as the last few boxes didn't intrigue me, however, AmeliaLiana on Youtube recently posted a Birchbox Unboxing haul and the products this month really interested me, mainly for the fact two beauty products were guaranteed and that she had a £5 off voucher. The code for £5 off is 'AMELIA' by the way if you want to use it too! Here is what my box included....

BioNike Defence Tolerance Essential Cleansing Water
This made my skin feel so soft, and my make up melted away in an instant, including They're Real mascara and They're Real gel eyeliner which are both known to be a pain to remove. I really recommend this.

Lord & Berry Blush in Lotus and the Balm Cosmetics Balm Desert Bronzer
I have reviewed both these products in detail down below.

Rituals Calming Rice Body Scrub
This body scrub has been a godsend for my pre tan preparations at removing dead skin cells and creating a smooth base to pile on the tan. It wasn't harsh like many body scrubs and truly is calming as the product states. I have never used Rituals before as I always assumed them to be expensive and same same quality of drugstore brands. However, this body scrub is only £10 and is definitely worth the price. The sample size is incredibly generous too, I think it may be full size.

Kebelo Clarifying Shampoo
I have yet to use this, however the Birchbox description advises that the product is so effective that only one or two washes a month with this product is recommended. This is definitely being saved for a special occasion hair wash, in that case.

L. Erkison Grab and Go Pony Tube
This product is pretty self explanatory, the one pictured I have used a few times. It is sturdy and the hair does not budge, despite it being soft on the hair and doesn't pull the hair or create that dreaded ponytail bump many of us get. 

The most exciting products for me personally is the Balm Cosmetics bronzer. I don't own anything by the Balm, but I have been wanting to try something by them for so long. I have £10 to spend on Birchbox so may purchase the Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter from there however, due to the amount of positive reviews the product gets. Although small, the sample will last a considerable amount of time, due to the pigmentation of the Balm's products and the intensity of the warmth on the bronzer. However, upon swatching the Lord & Berry Blush, they seem very similar in tone.

Left: the Balm cosmetics Balm Desert Bronzer
Right: Lord & Berry Lotus Blush

The bronzer looks as warm as the blusher and both have deep orange tone to them, meaning less is more for both the products. Both swatches were done with the same pressure and you can see instantly how pigmented the Lord & Berry Blush is compared to the Balm's bronzer, which makes the Balm's bronzer look not as pigmented as first thought. However, I think it can work as a light daytime bronzer to add a little glow to the face. Unfortunately it is definitely too warm to be used as a contour, which is a shame as the light consistency would have been great to add some subtle fake cheekbones.

Overall, I am impressed with this month's birchbox and I will keep my subscription going just to see what next months box will offer! What are your thoughts on Birchbox and id you are subscribed, what did you get this month?

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