5 August 2015

High End Beauty Wish List

I have an ever-growing list of high beauty products that I wish I could simply pick up and buy, however life isn't that simple! However, I thought I would share a list of the products I have compiled that have been on my list for so long and I am constantly drooling over whenever I add them to my basket and then click the big red X in the top right hand corner. Sigh.

The perfect brand to make anyone feel fabulous when retouching their face up during the day!

The Too Faced Chocolate Bars have been on my radar since they were released, now that I have a job, I will be sure to order both of these once I've paid all my bills off!
The Too Faced Chocolate Bar is available on Debenhams for £39 and BeautyBay for £45 and for the lucky American's, you guys can also get the Semi-Sweet Palette too! However, it is not available in the UK officially yet, but many websites stock it and ship it over for a fee (Sephora and Too Faced's official website).

Charlotte Tilbury is a make up goddess and has created the most lusted after brand and products in recent years. The Flimstar Bronze and Glow is just incredible and one day I will own it, one day! 
Charlotte Tilbury Bronze and Glow | £49 from Selfridges

The holy grail primer I have yet to try.... it simply looks incredible and the reviews from every person is outstanding. 
Hourglass Veil Primer is $52 on their official website or for us UK folk £52 (sob, conversion rates) in Liberty, Space NK and NET-A-PORTER.

In all honestly, this list could go on and on all day, but these 4(5) products are the products I would instantly pick if I could and never be allowed to buy anything else.

Do you own any of these products?

Thanks for reading

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