10 August 2015

NARS Dupes

Let's be honest here, Make-Up Revolution will always be known for their sneaky yet sort of obvious dupes of higher end products. Although, I have yet to come across anybody mention (please excuse me however if you have mentioned this) the devious collection of Make Up Revolution's Baked Highlighting Lights Collection a dupe for all of NARS' highlighting powders collection.

Make-Up Revolution's Golden Lights was quite clearly inspired by NARS' lusted after highlighting powder in the shade Albatross. Both Golden Lights and Albatross feature shimmery golden tones which is perfect for lighter skin tones as they both have a very cool and ash tone to them.

Pink Lights is a dupe for NARS' New Order. Both these highlighters have a very lavender look to them rather than the 'pink' lights that Make Up Revolution claims. The cool toned colour in both these products would be good for most skin tones as highlighter but darker skin tones might find it too pale, and therefore can be used as a blush or on top of a more champagne toned highlighter.

Peach Lights is a dupe for NARS' Miss Liberty. Personally, I think this is the most wearable colour for highlighting features of the face for all skin tones. It's peachy and warmer toned and will add subtle definition to the areas where applied.

I own Peach Lights and Pink Lights and I reach for them far more often than Benefit's highlighters and MAC's skin finishes. The Make-Up Revolution baked highlighters are very pigmented and not chalky at all. They are great quality and I definitely believe if you are interested in the NARS' highlighting blushes or even own them, to try out Make-Up Revolution's dupes of them! Make-Up Revolution was mostly UK based, however they have just expanded their line to stores in America, which truly shows how well this brand is doing.

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