12 September 2015

How to save money on Chanel Perfume and still smell fabulous

Ever wanted a Chanel perfume but then saw the price tag and then wanted to cry? Yep, me too.

I recently discovered that why should I spend £90 on a perfume when a product Chanel offers for a fraction of that price smells the exact same and actually lasts longer.

The product I'm talking about in particular is the moisture mists. Yes, they may be intended to be used a body moisturising mist, but a couple sprays on the areas you would usually use perfume and it pretty much gives the same scent the perfume would at a fraction of the price. The advantage of the product also being a moisturising mist, you can use it as intended as opposed to using it as you would perfume, making the product even more versatile.

Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle is described as a flirt feminine scent with top notes of orange, grapefruit and citrus bergamont. Beneath these notes, there is a definite subtle smell of roses, which is what makes this scent so flirty and feminine, compared to the original Chanel Coco which is known for its spicy oriental scent.

For £28.50 you receive 100ml of the Coco Mademoiselle fresh moisture mist, compared to 100ml of the Eau De Parfum Spray which would cost £95.50 (yikes!).

The moisture mist is also available in Chanel's 2010 released Chance Eau Tendre and the Chance Eau Fraîche (2007). If you are more of floral-fruity fan with hints of citrus then I would recommend the Chance scent. Chance Eau Tendre Moisture Mist is available here for £29 and Chance Eau Fraîche for also £29 here

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