9 October 2015

All Aboard for Benefit's Air Patrol

Benefit Cosmetic's newest release Air Patrol was released earlier in the summer, and I recently received a free sample via the Twitter campaign by SoPost. The campaign is where you send one sample to a friend and in return, you hope they send one back to you! (Or if you have more than one account, you can be cheeky and send both to yourself). The product came packaged so nicely and included a 'boarding pass' providing details of the product and social media information of Benefit. This company always seem to hit the nail on the head in terms of marketing their products. It actually would be a dream job of mine to work for their marketing team, two of both my passions in one career!

However, onto the product, Air Patrol is a BB cream with the added bonus of being an eyelid primer and also contains SPF 20 to protect the area of our face many of us tend to forget about when applying sun cream. Living in the UK, wearing sun cream is definitely forgotten about unless it's absolutely scorching, and now with this freezing weather in October, it's definitely at the back of many of our minds. But, the truth is the sun is everywhere and SPF is the only protection. I think it's great Benefit have added SPF into the product because using an eyelid primer is second nature to many people who use make up. The product also contains an 'EnviroDefend' complex which helps battle the dangers from fumes, smoke and pollution, which are much more prominent in the UK skies compared to the beaming sun!

93% said it feels calming & soothing
94% said it relieves dryness
91% said it extends the wear of eyeshadow

After a solid week of using the product on it's own and with eyeshadow, I can safely say it did it's job as a primer and being hydrating on the eyes. After short night sleeps for a long week at work, it was a joy to put the product on and relieve my tired looking eyes. There is one major problem with this product though, and it is the amount you get for the money you pay. The full size version of Air Patrol is £21.50 and contains only 4ml of product, compared to the sample which contained 1.5ml. I pretty much got just under half of a £21.50 priced product for free. In my opinion, I think 4ml for £21.50 is severely overpriced, considering foundations by the likes of MAC cost the same and have 30ml of product. For this reason, I don't see myself rushing to the shop to buy this product. The price you do pay for Air Patrol is definitely for the cute packaging and novelty of the product.

Do you own Air Patrol or know of any cheaper alternatives? If so, let me know in the comments!

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