19 October 2015

Buying Into the Hype

There is no denying that the blogesphere is a big enabler in our spending habits. If we see a product being talked about a lot, we often rush out and try to find it as quick as possible before everybody else gets it and it becomes sold out. But, there is a big risk of buying a product just because it is hyped up. For example, what if we buy that 'amazing' bronzer only to find out it looks like a piece of orange mud on your face compared to everybody else? Or that 'holy grail' foundation that oxidises on your face or makes you look like an oil slick because research into the product wasn't done properly? I have been guilty of this many times, but I've picked out my most used products that have been highly hyped up for so long! You may already have half of these products or you may hate all of them, but the truth is the hype around them is undeniable. 

Note:I don't drink gin, I just steal the empty bottles from work because they're so pretty!

Collection Concealer
This is the most spoken about high street/drugstore concealer in the world, am I right? I don't know anybody that is into make up and beauty that hasn't tried this product, which is shocking! No wonder it's so hard to get hold of these days! I first tried this concealer back in the day when I was probably 15, in fact I'm sure it was my first concealer and I had no idea what to do with it. Flash forward to the 2010's and it's now one of the most wanted concealers and for good reason too. 

NYX Copenhagen
One of my most recent purchases. The NYX matte lip creams are talked about so much in the beauty world due to their shade range and intensity. I decided on Copenhagen rather than Transylvania as it would suit my complexion more and I can use MAC Diva Lipstick with it to change the colour up more too. I can't wait to pick up more shades of these gorgeous matte lip creams on Selfridges and Feel Unique! Check out my review on other NYX products here!

Maybelline Eye Eraser
The Maybelline Eye Eraser has been used by so many youtubers recently, LydiaAndLucy and Amelia Liana being the main culprits for this purchase! However, for me it just doesn't do the job that the package says it does. It barely hides my dark circles in fact. It also disappointingly only comes in two shades, light and nude. Both are a bit on the dark side for me, meaning I can only get away with this concealer if I have fake tanned. That being said, I do love using it when I have fake tanned as it brightens up my eye area compared to the rest of my tanned face.

MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick and Soar Lipliner
Surprisingly, I am found it incredibly easy to get hold of these two 'Kylie' lip colours. I bought soar instead of Whirl, due to Kylie's make up artist at the time saying the product she used was Soar not Whirl or Velvet Teddy. I bought Velvet Teddy mainly for the name, how cute is it?! Colour wise, they work perfectly together to create a deep toned beige pink and it has become my everyday lip combination, I will be sad when I reach the end of the both these products, as I know they will be so hard to get hold of.

What products have you bought due to the hype around them? Let me know in the comments below!

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