25 November 2015

The Highlighter That Changed The Game

Mary Lou-Manizer by the Balm cosmetics became somewhat of a cult late last year, since then, every beauty blogger owns this product or wants to own it, and if not at least try it! I was lucky enough to spot one left in stock in my local Superdrug and I picked it and ran to the till so quick that it probably beat the world record of Usain Bolt. Having owned it for a good three weeks now, I can safely say that I truly understand the hype about this highlighter. 

the Balm says: Meet Mary-Lou Manizer, a seemingly innocent honey-hued luminizer that catches everybody’s eye. This highlighter, shadow and shimmer diffuses light so your skin looks softer and younger while adding a subtle glow.

This has become my go to highlighter ever since I got it, I just can't stop wearing it as I know that it will compliment every eye make up or lip look I will wear. Even on days where I can't be bothered with make up at work, I'll wear concealer, bronzer and add a touch of Mary Lou-Manizer on the tip of my nose and above my cheekbones so that I look semi alive! I have yet to use it as an eyeshadow, mainly because I feel I own far too many eyeshadows and eyeshadow palettes as it is and I dare ditch them all for this beauty!

It gives off such a beautiful golden glow as you can see by the swatch and the pigmentation is incredible, so be very careful with a heavy brush or hand as you can see in the picture... oops. I truly believe this colour highlighter is the perfect shade to suit all skin tones as it's pale enough for lighter skin tones but has that amazing glow to really compliment olive tones and darker skin tones.

Unfortunately, there is one big major flaw with this product that everyone fears,and that is that it breaks so easily, so if you are a big traveller, this highlighter is probably best left at home safely unless you want to bubble wrap it about 100 times... So be careful! Although, the pan is flimsy and easy to break, it looks as it will last for a long time as a three weeks daily wear and there is barely a noticeable dent in it, hooray!

11 November 2015


1. Thinking you are going to be extra productive and write hundreds of to do lists, then find said to do lists weeks later untouched.

2. Having an endless amount of samples, that you never use.
This look similar, guys?

3. The struggle of your house being dull all through winter making it so difficult to take decent photos of swatches, products and getting the perfect lighting.

4. Walking out of the department store with your hand full of swatches.

5. When writers block strikes and you have no draft posts, leaving you with staring at a blank white page for hours on end.

6. Trawling through all the quirky homeware shops as you know you will eventually find that perfect piece for a photo prop!

7. Spotting a pretty building and instantly thinking "this would look good on my Instagram"

8. Almost getting too excited you pee when you find a great dupe for a fraction of the price.

9. Seeing that highlighter you've wanted for ages is back in stock, but then realise you already bought six that week already. (Happened this week to me, oops, still got the other highlighter!)

10. Blogging is seriously hard work, and only we seem to understand this!

7 November 2015

eBay Christmas Presents for the: Vintage Homeware Lover

With Halloween out the picture and a Christmas advert already on TV, it's officially time to start thinking about Christmas and what presents to buy people. I only have four proper days off until Christmas to stock up on Christmas presents, so this year I will be relying on the perks of online shopping from sites such as eBay, Amazon and Argos. 

Christmas time and working in busy town centre pub is a not good mix, therefore as well as having the lack of time to shop, my posts will be less often, as you have probably already noticed. I'm only allowed one main Christmas and New Year day off work and I chose Boxing Day, so I can have a relaxed day and try and see some family. This is also gives me quality time to take advantage of all my Christmas goodies to play with, which will mainly mean swatching all the make up, let's be real!

However, onto treating our loved ones, if you struggle with finding the time to shop for Christmas presents and have to rely on online shopping like me, eBay is a life saver this time of year. If you know someone who is into all thing vintage, chic and homeware, then these great eBay deals will be right up their street. (Or if you want to buy some sneaky purchases for yourself, because everyone deserves too!)

For the vintage chic lover:

I must admit I am very into the vintage look and my dream kitchen and home would include some of these! Unfortunately, I don't live on my own yet so it's a dream and not reality for a long while and my Christmas list will probably include make up and clothes. 

What's on your Christmas list this year?

3 November 2015

Top #5 Places to visit in Madrid

Back in May, I went to Madrid to surprise a friend for her birthday. I had the most incredible time and would love to go back soon and explore more places.

Goiko Grill 
Of course a foodie place had to be on this list. Goiko Grill focuses mainly on providing great tasting burgers along with their amazing wedges. If you're a vegetarian, they also have a great option of non meat related burgers or you can order one of the burgers listed on the menu with no burger and enjoy all the veggies. Honestly, it was one of the best burgers of my entire life and I've had many many burgers!

Reina SofĂ­a Art Museum
If you're feeling cultural then a trip to the art galleries and museums in Madrid are a must. When I visited I took the chance to go to the Reina Sofia Museum. They have so many artists, from old school to contemporary. Not to mention, the famous Guernica painting by Picasso. It was so packed when I went that I could hardly catch a glimpse due to the barriers and the amount of people! 

Gran Via
Gran Via has everything in terms of luxury shopping for those splurges or all the high street stores for a big old clothing haul. Obviously with the company that owns Zara being Spanish it has several shops in Gran Via including its sister companies Pull & Bear and Bershka. It is shopping heaven. A brand new Primark store has just opened in Gran Via and it looks incredible!! I want to go back just for the new Primark.

Buen Retiro Park
What would a trip to Madrid be, without visiting Buen Retiro Park and the Palacio de Cristal? There is so much to do in Retiro it would take a whole day to fully explore all that Retiro has to offer. When I visited, I made sure to go to the Crystal Palace (Palacio de Cristal) and to take advantage of the dingy boats in the lake. It was so hot on the day I was half tempted to jump out of the boat into the lake! The buildings and features across the park are so pretty, you really get a feel of the real Spain and Spanish culture. 

Temple of Debod
This has to be my favourite place that I visited in Madrid. It was buzzing with people during sunset, but it was so peaceful and relaxing. People from all over the world and all walks of life joined to sit and watch the amazing sunset across Madrid's skyline and it was one of the best sunsets I've witnessed. I throughly recommend visiting the temple of Debod for the sunset and for the stunning views you get of the temple and skyline during it.