11 November 2015


1. Thinking you are going to be extra productive and write hundreds of to do lists, then find said to do lists weeks later untouched.

2. Having an endless amount of samples, that you never use.
This look similar, guys?

3. The struggle of your house being dull all through winter making it so difficult to take decent photos of swatches, products and getting the perfect lighting.

4. Walking out of the department store with your hand full of swatches.

5. When writers block strikes and you have no draft posts, leaving you with staring at a blank white page for hours on end.

6. Trawling through all the quirky homeware shops as you know you will eventually find that perfect piece for a photo prop!

7. Spotting a pretty building and instantly thinking "this would look good on my Instagram"

8. Almost getting too excited you pee when you find a great dupe for a fraction of the price.

9. Seeing that highlighter you've wanted for ages is back in stock, but then realise you already bought six that week already. (Happened this week to me, oops, still got the other highlighter!)

10. Blogging is seriously hard work, and only we seem to understand this!

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