16 December 2015

Freedom Make Up London Dupes

Freedom Makeup London is a new brand in town. I feel like they may have been created by the same company that has created Make Up Revolution and I HEART MAKEUP, but I could be wrong. That's just the impression I get from the website, the pricing and the products on offer. However, enough about the background of the brand and onto the make-up, more importantly their incredible dupes of high end products. A new make up brand duping well loved brands products can be largely sceptical for make up lovers and bloggers but I was determined to try them out.

During Black Friday they offered 50% off on some of their best selling products, taking advantage of this, I put the Priming Water, Glow Tonic, Oil Control Base Lotion and Anti-Shine Fixing Spray into my basket. Delivery took almost two weeks but this was expected with the popularity of Black Friday. Having gotten to grips with all the product this past week I can safely say it was a purchase I was very happy with despite my initial doubts. 

Dupe of the Smashbox Priming Water
I use this before applying make up to hydrate my skin after sleeping and it is so refreshing! I feel so hydrated and ready for the day once I have sprayed this on my face. I let the water sink into my skin for a while before putting on the oil control lotion and then apply my make up. I have noticed a major difference in the smoothness of my make up application with the combination of the two products. It is pretty much identical to the Smashbox Primer, the only differnece is you get the Freedom Priming Water for a fraction of the price, I definitely recommend this if you prefer a lightweight primer or a spray to refresh your skin before and after make up application. 

Dupe of the Pixi Glow Tonic 
The Pixi Glow Tonic has been raved about all over the blogesphere so when I noticed Freedom had their own version of the Glow Tonic, naturally it went #StraightInMyBasket. I don't own the Pixi version of the glow tonic so do not have much to compare it to, but the Freedom glow tonic has been great for my skin! It looks instantly more awake and radiant when I use this. Freedom recommends using this morning and evening, and that over time your face will look more youthful and redness, bumps and such will disappear. That is a challenge I definitely accept!
Dupe of the MAC Oil Control Lotion
My favourite of the products I purchased. working in a pub with hot glasses, hot food and constantly rushing around means come two hours into a shift and I'm already an oily mess and my foundation has already melted. Having used this for the week, I have noticed a major improvement in my make up lasting longer and I don't have an oily face the end of the day! Something I have struggled with my whole life. This is a god send for people who suffer from an oily t-zone like me and work in busy and heated environments.
Dupe of the Urban Decay Deslick All Nighter Setting Spray 
There are so many fixing sprays in the beauty world now, but this one intrigued me for its anti-shine properties and the promise of make up lasting 12 hours, a heavy promise indeed. I have used this at work and it does make me my make up last longer, but not 12 hours and I do become oily towards the end of the shift usually (1am) if I only use this and not with the oil control base. However, I do think it is a great product for setting make up into place and getting rid of that cakey look some foundations often give. 

The brand also has dupes of Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Book and Dip Brow Pomade and cream and powder contour kits, these are all definitely on my wish list after Christmas time. The contour kits also feature a strobing cream very similar in formula to the MAC Strobe cream!

Do you own anything by Freedom Make Up ? 

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