27 January 2017

How to be a tourist in your hometown

There's nothing quite like getting out in your hometown and exploring. Sure, being a tourist in the likes of a town thousands of miles away from your bed sounds amazing, but sometimes just getting out of bed and hopping on a short bus, taxi or train ride can leave you having a great experience in your own hometown.

 Birmingham is my hometown. The most populous city in England and I'm not being bias also the greatest city in England... okay, maybe a little bias. I love exploring my hometown, trying out new restaurants, visiting quirky bars and grabbing my camera and taking pictures of the bullring, Grand Central and the Bull, just like the other thousands of tourists we get each day.

Photo credit: Chris Fletcher

Book a hotel or hostel in the centre
I once stayed in the Malmaison hotel after a gig rather than going home, and I have to admit waking up in a hotel room in the middle of Birmingham city centre felt great. It felt like I was still in gig mode and had no worries about work later that evening. I looked out the window and thought, I live in the awesome place. Everybody loves the comfort of their own bed, which is why waking up in different room will really give you that boost to go out and explore the hometown you live in but don't really know. Wake up, shower, grab your camera and walk around the places you've always wanted to explore but never had time to.

Explore your daydreams
Do you ever go past certain places on your daily commutes to work and thought 'one day I'll go there'? Well, make time and go! Leave the house earlier than usual, and visit that coffee shop you keep meaning to go to, and then wonder around. If you normally drive to work, then one day grab a the bus or take the scenic route and cycle to work.  My commute to work is a mere 8 minute journey on a train and it goes through the Digbeth area of Birmingham, I finally decided to go and visit one day. To my joy, I discovered an amazing secret Moulin Rouge style bar and a street food festival selling the most amazing food. Exploring your hometown is all about appreciating what's already there but also about finding new places and spots to enjoy and because you live there, you can visit again and again!

Find that perfect sunset spot
With Birmingham being a big city with lots of tall buildings, admittedly it can be hard to find a good sunset spot, however, I have often visited a park at the back of Birmingham airport that gives great views of the sunset and you get the added bonus of sitting back watching planes take off into that sunset. Although, it does make you wish you were on those planes following that sun! Explore your hometown, find high points, parks, hills and even easy to reach mountains if you're brave enough and find your perfect sunset spot. It will really relax and inspire you and appreciate where you live.

Where do you live? What do you love about your hometown?

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