13 January 2017

Top Five Destination Wishlist


Croatia has always been one of the European countries that has always appealed to me to travel to. Dubrovnik is situated the extreme south of Croatia and has been popping up all over the internet due to its recent  popularity, mainly due to the fact Game of Thrones is filmed there. The city is almost completely surrounded by the beautiful Adriatic Sea and it's sea battered walls, rocks and mountains makes Dubrovnik special and unique in the hustle and bustle of Europe. This is the type of destination that no matter who you go with, you are guaranteed to enjoy and find attractions based around that type of holiday. Romance? Not a problem, plenty of quaint restaurants and terrain to walk hand in hand around. Family? Great! Take the kids on some walks, picnics and enjoy the beach. Friends? Go bar hunting, pub hunting, create new friends and have the time of your life!


A city you can travel through by a gondola and not be judged, who wouldn't want to visit a place like that?! It has been said that the locals that live in Venice avoid the centre of Venice at all times, and I think as tourists we should understand why, and join them! Hop on a boat, hop off wherever, get yourself lost and enjoy the thrill of hidden Venice. Hopping on a ferry to the island of Burano and you will find yourself feeling like you've just entered Balamory (UK kids show that us 90s kids watched religiously in school). The contrast of the two destinations is incredibly beautiful and you can visit both again and again and always find something new, I have so much listed to do on my future Venice trip, but the most important is to just get lost in the canals and soak up the real Italian spirit. 

Los Angeles

The city of angels... who doesn't wish to visit Los Angeles at least once in their lifetime?! Tell me if you don't, as I will be shocked! Los Angeles has pretty much everything you need to make the perfect holidays. Endless beaches, theme parks, art culture, museums, thousands of restaurants, oh, and the off chance you'll bump into some famous stars! The inner Instagram queen/king in you will lap up all the beautiful art, designs and decor around Los Angeles. Of course, a trip to Los Angeles would not be complete unless a hike to the Hollywood signs is done! There is so much to do in Los Angeles, I would not know where to start or end, and think that once I've visited once, I will want to visit again and again and again.


After having studied Dubai a lot during my time at university, my fondness of the place grew and grew. Before university, I saw it as a place the rich visited to hang out and spend money, but through learning about how it was built from nothing but desert, I soon found myself looking at endless photos of the magnificent hotels, shopping malls and attractions on google. I think one of the main reasons for my desire to visit Dubai is simply because of how completely opposite it is to quaint little England. You can travel out of Dubai to the desert within an hour and be greeted by camels, sandboarding and go crazy on a quad bike. You travel back a few hours later, desert out of sight and you are greeted by huge buildings, fountains, man made beaches, shopping until you drop! I think the most extravagant thing we have in England is that rollercoaster at Thorpe Park that looks like a camel's hump (pun maybe intended). 


How could I do a wishlist without including England? If I hadn't had stated that this was about Cornwall, at first glance anyone could think the photo above comes from a Greek island with the crystal clear blue waters, beaches and rocky terrain. Low and behold, this is Cornwall, located at the very south of the UK. The furthest south I have been in my 23 years of being on this tiny little island is Minehead, albeit not very far at all. Cornwall features a sign based at Land's End that you can personalise with how many miles it is from your hometown! The famous Minack theatre is also on the edge of our tiny island, providing amazing views whilst watching your favourite plays.

What are your favourite destinations and places that are on your wishlist?

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