Colourful Sins first began in 2014 when I was fed up of writing countless essays for University and I wanted to write about something different, as a hobby. After writing several posts and never being happy with them, I eventually deleted them all, and started over mid 2015. Since then, I have tried my hardest to provide great quality photos on a mediocre camera and content I am happy to read myself, to ensure my readers will also enjoy reading the content.

Not many people know but I am a massive geek when it comes to the internet, coding and web design. I coded my blog myself based on blogger's original theme. It has always been a hobby of mine dating back to being age 13, 9 years ago. I had about 5 websites in the space of 4 years and web design and graphic design were the main features of those websites. Now, I have discovered my love for the beauty industry and decided to bring my loves of beauty and design together to create my own little personal space on the internet.